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Quincy IL is a small town, along the River Mississippi. It is about two hours north of St. Louis MO, and an hour and half from Springfield IL.

An initial small building was purchased in 2001, and later a larger facility was bought and converted to meet the needs of the Islamic community in this town. The Center was founded by Zakiah Sayeed Ali MD, in 2001. As a founder, she has tried to get donations from various organizations through Benefit Dinners, Sale of cook books which she has printed, and silent auctions. Mohamed Shujath Ali, manages the run of the place with regards to bills and payments of the same etc.

The current facility at 2433 North 12th street was established in 2010. This is the first Islamic Center in this area.

The Muslim Community here is not very large. There are about fifteen to twenty people who are regular members. The services are held on Friday at 1 pm, with the sermon starting at 1:15. This is led by Dr. Mohamed El Bermawy who is also the president of the Center. He is a professor of chemistry at Culver Stockton College in Canton MO, which is across the river. Because of the smallness of the community, the mosque is not operational every day as it is supposed to be, and as we would like it to be. But we hope to grow and Insha”Allah we will be able to have the five salaths in the near future.

The Eid Holidays are celebrated with dinners.

Mohamed Shujath Ali manages the financial aspect of running the facility with regards to various operational issues such as bills, getting repairs done if necessary and other problems that may occur. 

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2433 North 12th Street

Quincy, IL 62305-1366

Phone Number - 217-223-0800

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Zakiah S Ali - 217 223 0800

Mohamed S Ali. - 217 223 0800.